Solicitor resources

Running Will Aid

Will Aid donation receipts

If you need any spare receipt forms just click on the link below and print copies of the form.


A Quick Guide to Will Aid

This handy guide is useful for the person at your practice who will be dealing with enquiries from prospective will makers.


Materials for your clients

Will planner

Simple Will Planner to help clients prepare for their appointment with their solicitor.


Making your Will with a Good Solicitor

This Quick Guide is designed for you to send to Will Aid clients to explain the scheme and the recommended donation levels.


Publicising your involvement in Will Aid

Sample Press release

Use this suggested press release to contact your local paper to make sure that they know about your involvement with Will Aid.


Sample 'Letter to the Editor'

This Will Planner has been designed to help you think about the people and causes you wish to remember in your Will. Please use it to prepare for your meeting with your solicitor and then taking it along with you, you can make sure that nothing is overlooked in your Will. Your completed Will Planner will also save you time by helping the meeting go smoothly.


Suggested copy for an advertisement

If you advertise locally, why not consider including Will Aid in your advertisement? This sample copy will help you tailor your own advertisement.


Tips for media interviews

Local and regional media are always keen to speak to local solicitors taking part in Will Aid. Speaking to the press is easier than you think so download our top tips and get your practice some valuable free publicity. Our Tips For Interviews will help you prepare.


Publicising your Will Aid success

Use this sample format to send a letter to your local paper to let them know about how much you have raised for Will Aid.


Publicising Will Aid on your website
Personal details

If you would like any materials sent to you by post please complete the section below:

Your details will remain confidential to Will Aid and will only be used to provide you with information about the scheme. All records are held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988.