Wil Aid - Publicy

In 2016, over 70,000 people heard about Will Aid and made an enquiry, so publicity clearly works! With the help of solicitors like you, those who went on to make a Will will have donated over £1.25m to support the vital work of the nine Will Aid charities.

This year – with your help – we aim to do even better, and extra publicity will play a big role in that success.

Good for your clients, good for you

Nationally and locally, Will Aid will highlight the importance of writing a Will, tell people about November’s campaign and steer people towards participating solicitors.

Sign up to Will Aid and we'll supply everything you need to run Will Aid smoothly, including materials to drive your local publicity campaign. Of course, the more people know about your involvement the more new clients you are likely to attract and the more positive PR you are likely to enjoy.

How to gain local coverage

  • Send a Letter to the Editor of your local papers. Use our draft Letter to the Editor if you wish.

  • Send a Press Release about your involvement with Will Aid based on our Press Release. And remember, the press love a photo! Why not get a friend, associate or local celebrity to agree to be photographed discussing their Will with you? Make sure there are Will Aid publicity materials in the background.
  • If you already use advertisements to promote your business, adapt them to feature Will Aid and include the Will Aid logo. Make sure you run them several times before and during the month of November.
  • Star in an advertising feature! In September, we'll supply all local and regional papers with editorial to help promote Will Aid, along with the details of participating solicitors. Some papers may well run an advertising feature.  If your local newspaper is one of them, please consider getting involved.  It won’t cost much and is likely to attract new clients to your practice.
  • Speak to the media.  Local and regional media are always keen to speak to local solicitors taking part in Will Aid. 
  • Set up a link from your website to the Will Aid website. This will give your prospective clients all the information they need.